That phone in your pocket? It could be your ticket to the top. Post your best clips on Instagram, tagging @quiksilver and hash-tagging #YGSKI. There are no guidelines. No rules. Just you, your skis, some frozen water and and a world of opportunity.

Enter as many times as you’d like and the Newschoolers-appointed judge will handpick his favorite entries, sending the top 10 Young Guns onto Round 2. So fire up your film squad, get out there and bank some clips. Then cross your frost-bitten fingers and hope you get chosen…just make sure you push “post” first.

Oh, and a quick heads up: If you’re not under the age of 18 on April 11, then sorry old man, you’re out. On the flip side, you need to be over the age of 13 before January 15 to qualify.
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Meet your Judge
Matt Harvey founded Newschoolers way back in 1999 with one simple goal in mind: bringing skiers from around the world together. The only thing that has changed is the scale to which how successful this idea was. Skiers from every corner of the planet are able to tell their stories, share their content and meet new friends to share the best days you’ll ever have on skis.